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Our memberships

EWPT Membership

Looking to continue getting stronger by being consistent with your exercise program??

Looking for support and guidance beyond "fixing" the problem (which is always great) and help you keep moving forward towards your goals??

Sign up for the EWPT membership! 

There are A LOT of app-based programs out there. But the developers of those apps do not know your body or your patterns like you and I do :)

Your program would be tailored to your needs and help you keep putting your goals into action, minimize flare-ups, and stay active for the long haul.


*one check-in call with me per month (this is not a PT evaluation or re-evaluation, but a coaching call)

*accountability for you to keep up with your movement or fitness goals

*necessary updates to your program 

*structure for you to do your program. Know WHAT to do, WHEN to do it, to keep the results you want

*not only exercises for strength, but also down-regulation/restorative exercises through yoga, Qi Gong, breath work and meditation if desired by you

*50% member discount on any events or courses I offer

EWPT Monthly Membership

Pay per month, opt out at any time. Once enrolled, you will be on an automatic monthly billing cycle.

US$200.00 Monthly
EWPT Yearly Membership (10% discount: save $240)

Yearly Membership Enroll for yearly membership and save $240. Once enrolled, you will be automatically billed yearly. You will have the option to opt out when the billing cycle is due for the next payment.

US$2,160.00 Yearly