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EWPT Back To Freedom Program

EWPT Back To Freedom Program

EWPT Back To Freedom Program

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The Back to Freedom program is a coaching program designed to help you resolve back pain naturally, if you want to avoid things like surgery, injections, or chasing temporary pain relief so you can live your lovely, active life. 

This is a hybrid program that blends 1:1 physical therapy or coaching with Dr. Emily Warren AND online resources. The online content intended to be used WITH the coaching you will receive using Dr. Emily's framework. 

  • RESET your pain: The first step to pain and movement freedom is to understand your pain better. Many people don't understand what is causing their back or spine pain. Your back pain involves more than what shows up on x-ray or MRI, which is why you keep struggling with it. Learn more about your pain and what it means so you know how to find pain relief yourself.
  • RESTORE your movement: The second step to pain and movement freedom is to restore your movement in all directions, without having pain flare-ups. It is important to not avoid movement, as this can make pain worse. In this stage you will gain confidence in yourself by seeing strength and movement gains, and realize that your back actually needs and wants movement to heal.
  • RETRAIN your performance: The third step for pain and movement freedom is all about consistency. You know your plan, are already seeing strength, mobility, and confidence gains, so now you just need to keep going! In this stage, we make sure that you are well on track to meet your goals, without big flare-ups that keep you sidelined.

This course is for anyone who's struggled with back pain, who believes they can get better and open to trying new things!

Course Material included in this course
  • Welcome!
  • Welcome to your road back to freedom!
  • RESET: Understand pain so you can worry LESS and move MORE
  • Module 1: Understanding Pain
  • Module 2: Unpacking X-rays and MRI's
  • Module 3: Your Personal Pain Profile
  • Pain and Lifestyle Audit Workbook
  • The Weave by Dr. Ngo
  • Bonus Items for Module 1
  • The Pillars For Pain Freedom
  • Sleep Diary
  • RESET: Let's calm things down, shall we?
  • Decrease Mechanical Sensitivity
  • Decrease Nervous System Sensitivity
  • RESTORE: Let's get moving
  • Low Back Flexibility Routine
  • Addressing Neural Tension
  • Synchronizing the Core System
  • BONUS item! Decreasing Pelvic Floor Tension
  • RETRAIN: Workouts
  • Retrain: Workout 1
  • Retrain: Workout 2
  • Retrain: Workout 3
  • Retrain: Workout 4
  • BONUS: Extra core strength (for flexion responders/stenosis)
Programs included in this course
  • Synchronizing the Core System
  • BONUS: HIIT Training
  • Retrain: Workout 4
  • Retrain: Workout 3
  • Retrain: Workout 2
  • Retrain: Workout 1
  • Letting Go of Tension in the Pelvic Floor
  • Decreasing Neural Tension
  • Low Back Flexibility Routine
  • Desensitize the Nervous System
  • Desensitize: Leg Dominant Lateral Responder
  • Desensitize: Back Dominant Lateral Responder
  • Desensitize: Leg Dominant Extension Responder
  • Desensitize: Back Dominant Extension Responder
  • Desensitize: Leg Dominant Flexion Responder
  • Desensitize: Back Dominant Flexion Responder